You can call him the Pharrell Williams of the 1980s, or the David Guetta of classic boogie. Whatever you choose, just know that John Morales is the O.G. of club records.

Back in their day, the twosome of John Morales and the late Sergio Munzibai made up M&M Productions, and were responsible for hundreds of mixes from the most credible dance artists of the ’80s. The two worked with everyone from Tina Turner to the Rolling Stones.

The M&M Mixes is a two-disc compilation of previously unreleased versions of some of the Morales-Munzibai duo’s best work. CD 1 is full of retro funk and unreleased demos while CD 2 boasts some of the ol’ Salsoul Records hits. Check out the remastered “Ladybug” and the 17 minutes worth of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.”

These songs were great the first time, and if you’re looking for that throwback groove, they’re still good this time around.

Grade: A-

The M&M Mixes is currently available.