It’s the start of a new semester, a time when most good college students have made it their New Year’s resolution to get better grades, eat healthier and maybe even do their own laundry every once in a while. However, there is one community of collegiate students who have more on their minds than books.

In fact, as I walked onto the “campus” (a.k.a. film set) of the hit show, “Greek,” there wasn’t a book in sight. The set is as intricate as it is realistic. Sorority row, which is actually several grandiose rooms, is furnished with painstaking detail. Even the bathrooms are lined with shower caddies and loofahs, and mementos from the past two and a half seasons are visible everywhere. The frat “houses” are just as impressive, though the hunting décor was a bit too masculine for my taste.

Ironically, I spent most of the day in the bar that the students of Cyprus-Rhodes often frequent for a TGIF beverage. Designed after an actual bar in downtown Los Angeles, the replica reminded me of one near my school where, similar to the show’s plotline, many fun and interesting nights occur.

Which made me wonder: Though the production design is spectacularly spot on, does the show portray life in the Greek system just as accurately?

“There’s no other show out there like it,” says Amber Stevens who plays Ashleigh, a Zeta Beta Zeta sister. “There’s nothing out there that talks about Greek life the way that we do. All the characters are so diverse. Everyone can relate to someone.”

On and off screen heartthrob Scott Michael Foster, who plays Cappie, agrees that the cast and the writing team have “become more familiar with the Greek system since starting the show.”

“We show both sides of the story or all sides of the story,” he says. “Greek life is more than just getting wasted and partying. We show that because it does happen, but we also show the philanthropies. We show bonds of sisterhood and brotherhood. We show all of it.”

For many of the actors, this is their one shot at the college experience. Jake McDorman, who plays Evan, is the nemesis of Kappa Tau as a member of the fraternity Omega Chi. Though he has the rugged good looks and endearing charm of a twenty-something frat boy, McDorman jokingly admits that he has no experience in the field.

“I moved out to L.A. at 16 to do this stuff, so I’m living vicariously through my character. But it’s really well written. All the stuff’s there, like the hazing. But we don’t actually have to do it. It’s called ‘cut right before.’”

Good-humored sarcasm is palpable in the way he talks about his career thus far. However, he is completely serious when it comes time to give me one word or phrase that would describe the atmosphere on set.

“Family,” McDorman says without hesitation. “When we first started, it was a job. Now that we’ve been doing it for so long, it’s second nature. It is really fun. Now, it feels a lot more organic.”

This season the kids are preparing for the “Help Us Rebuild Our Castle Fairytale Ball.” In case you need a refresher, earlier in the season the Gamma Psi’s house burned down, and the ZBZ ladies are worried that they may have been responsible. Their guilt adds mounting pressure on Ashleigh and Rebecca (Dilshad Vadsaria), but it particularly puts a strain on the relationship between Casey (Spencer Grammer) and Cappie.

After three brothers are expelled, Rusty (Jacob Zachar) is thrust into the position of pledge educator, which may be too much for him to handle. Calvin (Paul James) and Grant (Gregory Michael) are also trying to resolve their relationship as Evan and Rebecca continue to grow closer.

This season is also boasting impressive guest stars like Martha MacIsaac of Superbad fame, Sam Page from “Mad Men” and the legendary Lea Thompson. But this isn’t the first string of famous guests to grace Cyprus-Rhodes.

“We’ve had a few surprises the last couple of years,” said Zachar. “We’ve booked some really cool guest stars, actors who don’t get as much respect in mainstream movies and television. They are such down-to-earth, honest people.”

Which made me jump back into my thinking tank: If they could choose anyone, alive or dead, who would they like to guest star?

After much deliberation, McDorman says, “Gary Oldman would be great. I don’t know what he’d do … but that’d be awesome.”

“Richard Pryor would be hilarious,” laughs Zachar. “But he would just get everything bleeped out. He would say five words, swearing at everyone. He brings a smile wherever he goes.”

Like he’s thought of it before, Foster answers promptly, “Chevy Chase. I always wanted to work with him.”

Though they aren’t opening their books or writing papers, the cast of the ABC Family show is surely working hard to make sure the upcoming season hosts more laughs and plot twists so that, even if you aren’t in college, you can live (or relive) the best years of your life.

“Greek” premieres Jan. 25 at 10 p.m. on ABC Family.