Just as the title implies, “Stomp” centers around rhythms and beats. Created from any and everything – sinks, tubes, plastic bags, trash cans, paper bags, brooms, lighters, sticks, poles, cups, pots, buckets, pans, washing boards, match boxes – the bangs, clicks and percussive symphony, coupled with the players’ strength, grace and athleticism, stir the audience into a head-bopping frenzy.

The first thing you notice is that each Stomper is incredibly ripped. Once the show begins, you realize it’s because they are continually drumming, lifting and dancing (breaking, capoeira, gymnastics).

“Stomp” is broken into vignettes, each utilizing different instruments. One of the most amazing parts (and there are many) is the orchestration of sound in each section; the way the noises are woven into groovin’ sets. As you watch in wonder as the Stompers move, tap and collaborate, you’ll be bowled over by the most eclectic mini-concerts you’ve ever heard. This UK import has delighted fans for almost 20 years: It’s that good! This time around the show has new surprises, including a piece where several Stompers wear huge tractor tire inner tubes around their waists, attached by bungee cords.

Whether you’ve seen it or not, “Stomp” is less like a play and more like a gig by your favorite band that you have to see no matter how many times they come to town.