Mmm, cupcakes. I don’t know too many people who have an aversion to this tasty treat. Even I, the non-dessert eating culinarian, give in at least once a year for the taste of cream cheese frosting atop a moist, red velvet delight.

The only problem for me is when I do choose to indulge, my digestive tract gets really upset. I, like about 40 million others, am lactose intolerant. It does get in the way when trying to enjoy some of life’s creamier options, but as time progresses, so too do food inventions. Vegan and vegetarianism, once thought of as a hippy cult practice, is now so popular it’s almost “hip.”

Enter BabyCakes NYC, an organic, wheat, gluten and dairy-free cupcake shop. Using naturally sweet agave nectar almost exclusively for their sugar alternative, BabyCakes has quickly gained buzz among the refined sugar-free crowd in their newly opened Downtown L.A. location.

Certified Kosher, Parve and vegan, BabyCakes uses rice flour or finely pulsed bean mix for their gluten-free cupcakes and spelt for their non-gluten options. You’d think these ingredients wouldn’t lend themselves to taste great in Chocolate, Vanilla or Red Velvet cupcakes, but you’d be hard pressed to find a “just as close to the real thing” version in this city.

The only drawback, and frankly deal breaker, with BabyCakes is the price. It’s always odd to me that healthy means spending more money. BabyCakes runs between $3.25-4.25 for one precious cupcake. It’s a bit steep, especially since you have to pay for street parking, lest you wind up with a $25 parking ticket. If you live in the neighborhood, it’s worth the two to six block walk, but if not, purchase the cookbook and bake to your heart’s delight.

For more information, call (213) 623-5555 or visit