If you’re on the fence over whether the poker craze sweeping the nation is a good thing or a bad thing, consider the following exhibits, all touted by fashion heavies as the very picture of hip.

EXHIBIT A: The poker choker

Spotted on such starlets as Sarah Michelle Gellar and Lauren Graham, these necklaces feature antique poker chips set with Swarovski crystals hanging from a 16-inch suede cord. Full deck, feather crown, flush hand and bull dog are all represented. Newlyweds everywhere are registering shock that, actually, Swarovski crystal can get any tackier. $110 to $200 at www.allpinkusa.com.

EXHIBIT B: ‘All in’ bracelets

You know those yellow Livestrong bracelets made famous by Lance Armstrong, highly laudable in their quest to battle cancer with a subtle, cost-effective gesture? Yeah, this is totally different. Sure it’s a colorful silicone wristband with an imprinted statement. But that statement is the Texas Hold ‘Em battle cry: “ALL IN.” Proceeds benefit the aforementioned poker craze sweeping the nation. $2.95 at www.allinbracelets.com.

EXHIBIT C: Poker charms

Not that this should cloud your judgment, fair ladies and gentlemen of the jury, but the exhibit before you is made by White Trash Charms. These sterling silver-plated or 14-karat gold-plated Black Jack hands are touted by our White Trash friends as “the answer to a winning look.” Not specified, however, is what, precisely, that look will help you win. The ability to leave your Christmas tree up until April? $40-$85 at www.whitetrashcharms.com.

EXHIBIT D: Poker tees

Heaven knows a chap can’t have too many T-shirts. But once you’ve exhausted sports teams, vacation destinations and statements of detached irony, what’s left? Poker sayings, that’s what. There’s no shortage of poker-themed tees out there, but this group – with playing card designs and sayings such as “Shuffle,” “2 Die” and “The River” – is endorsed by hot L.A. boutique Intuition. Instant class. $25 at www.shopintuition.com.

EXHIBIT E: Poker tanks

Finding just the right top to wear with your White Trash necklace or poker choker is no small feat. That’s why we should all give thanks to All Pink for decorating some undershirts with gothic letters spelling out “Poker Addict,” “Read ’Em & Weep,” “Chaa-Chiing” and, my personal favorite, “J’adore Poker.” Apparently poker has got plans to sweep another nation as well. To which I can only say “Ciao!” $46 at www.allpinkusa.com.

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