“Naked in the Tropics” revolves around Andy, a teenaged bi-curious nude dancer who falls for his drug dealing gay dance partner, Joe, despite the fact that he has a pregnant girlfriend back at school. When Andy goes down in a drug bust, his citizensip comes under question, and it is up to his Cuban mother’s new lesbian lawyer girlfriend to do some fancy legal footwork to get him out. Oh, and it’s a musical.

OK, so it sounds exciting right? The show is more about shock value than anything else, with sexual encounters of every kind being mimed on stage. The dialogue is contrived, the scene transitions are forced and the songs (all four of them) feel out of place. What should be an exhilarating ride comes to a grinding halt when the play moves to the courtroom in the second act and the action stops dead.

Macha Theatre is located at 1107 N. Kings Rd., West Hollywood. For more information, visit Plays411.com/nakedtropics.