Watching this candid production of intensely played characters is a fascinating experience.

With a running time of 60 minutes, “Blood and Thunder” is a powerful story of a con artist, Marcus (Keith Bolden), who plans to ride out the hurricane in his apartment building in New Orleans when an unwanted visitor shows up.

His brother Quentin (Tony Williams), a mild-mannered prisoner who escaped from jail in the wake of the hurricane, is not only seeking refuge from the storm but is searching for something else. Exhausted and bleeding from a gunshot wound, his arrival forces Marcus to face both the rising floodwaters and the ghosts of his past. Also floating in and out of the woodwork is Marcus’ girlfriend, Charlie (Candice Afia), a key player in the brothers’ tumultuous relationship.

Powered by a gradual process of tense revelation, “Blood and Thunder” is exquisitely acted and tremendously moving.

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