Let’s face it. Unless you have been amazingly lucky, we have all spent that lonely Valentine’s Day. Whether it is fresh out of a breakup or during a long dry spell, there are always going to be those years where you don’t have someone to have a romantic dinner with on Feb. 14. It sucks, but the lesson that keeps coming back on Feb. 15 is that Valentine’s Day is really just a day.

Of course, there is one constant companion in our modern age that is with us at every meal – romantic or not. It keeps us company, helping us to stay social even when we feel like locking ourselves away from society, and it sits as a steadfast friend when you just need some time alone. Whether it is smart, a personal assistant or just a phone, the cell is as steadfast a buddy as you can find.

Unfortunately, while mobile phones may be there for us, we do have a bad way of mistreating our cellular assistants. We overwork and neglect them, and then we curse them out when they don’t perform up to our standards. We toss them around and wear them out, yet they constantly try to please us. So, for this Valentine’s Day, consider investing in some gifts for your true soul mate – your mobile phone.

Some of us neglect our cell phones by loving them too much. We surf the ’Net, listen to music and chat all day, only to find that our companion is ready to call it a day while we are still on the road. Rather than getting angry with them, why not invest in a present for your beloved phone to keep it partying as long as you do?

The Technocel Powerpak (technocel.com) can be a real lifesaver when your mobile starts to reach the end of its battery life. Not only does this battery pack charge your device when the battery is low, it can also act as a wall charger thanks to the built-in plug. By plugging the Powerpak into the wall and attaching one of the many adaptor wires into your mobile phone, you can charge your phone while refilling the power on the Powerpak.

Then, when you get it on the road, the Powerpak can charge your device from nearly dead to full in about a half hour. Granted, the Powerpak is a large square device and the cable only adds to the bulk, but they can still fit easily in a coat pocket or a purse. This means that you can go out and have fun while your phone is constantly being charged. There is even a button that brings up the amount of charge left in the Powerpak, meaning that you never have to worry that you may be carrying a drained charger around with you.

Of course, sometimes we neglect our phones in more spectacular ways. We want to be nice and delicate with our devices, but carelessness and gravity can be the biggest enemies to a cell phone.

There is that heart-stopping thud when the phone hits the floor, the moment of gut-wrenching fear when we scoop our electronic buddy into our arms and then the sigh of relief as we go back to ignoring the phone’s existence. We never concern ourselves with the inevitable next time we do the same stupid thing, not to mention the possible emotional damage done to our phones.

The iFrogz Luxe case (ifrogz.com) for iPhones and iPods is a great gift for the emotionally neglected iPhone. These fashionable cases slide on and off with a reassuring click, but their lightweight and festive colors hide their intense protective capabilities. The Luxe is built to take the abuse that we far too often dish out to our cell phones, giving both them and us the peace of mind for the next time a hand unconsciously sweeps the phone off a table.

Admittedly, the case is a bit too eager to protect. Larger plugs – especially for more robust headphones – will have a hard time staying plugged in while the Luxe is still snapped on. Furthermore, it can be hard to slide the Luxe off for the first few times it is attached, but that relaxes the more you remove and reattach the Luxe. Ultimately, these are very small concerns for such a strong protector.

Whatever you do, just remember to show your phone some love this Valentine’s Day. It will appreciate it.