On their fifth excursion, Good To Be, Illinois roots rockers Backyard Tire Fire amplify their Midwest textures to include touches of Britpop, folk-rock and slow-burning balladry into populist tunes akin to Govt. Mule, Los Lobos and Cracker. In fact, Los Lobos’ Steve Berlin produced this analog recording and helps provide the 40-minute, 11-track album a muscular but amiable emphasis. Throughout, singer Ed Anderson maintains a positive outlook tempered by hard-luck tales about a mom who works two jobs, a teenage boy’s unsteady loss of virginity and couples who strive to make their lives better. While many songs have a heartfelt, heartland tone, Backyard Tire Fire escapes musical clichés by adding astute instrumentation such as sax and piano, unexpected key changes and an insistent percussive drive. Standouts comprise blue-collar tour diary “Roadsong #39,” straightforward slice-of-life rocker “Ready or Not” and benedictive closer “Once Upon a Time,” which is grounded with a spectral disposition.