I’ll make you famous.

Well, I’ll try, but that’s only because I have help from the Web site ModelMayhem.com. This site, which started out as a project for a college student, quickly became the leading resource for the modeling world. Offering everything from connecting professional photographers with talent, and makeup artists with fashion designers, the site has become hugely successful.

We’ve all seen Web sites come and go. Even those thought to be the end-all sites, like MySpace, have proved to be short-lived. What is the attraction of Model Mayhem that keeps it not only thriving but relevant in a sea of competing social networks?

“The site was created with the focus of it being a resource,” comments Michael Egan, General Manager of Model Mayhem. “The site has always kept in mind that it needs to be a functional resource at all times even though, fundamentally, it’s a social network.”

The idea that a site can build a community around a working database that all the users participate in is huge. Web sites have been trying to create a place like this for years, but they always get too spread out and distance themselves from the initial point in mind.

As the flourishing users will tell you, Model Mayhem is an excellent site to find a model for a shoot, book a photographer or just to browse some beautiful images from all aspects of art.

For those of you that don’t model, take photos, do makeup, style hair or design fashion – this site is still relevant. If you’ve ever thought about any area of art, this will put you in touch with thousands of others that can help you get involved. From professionals to amateurs, the site brings together a healthy mix of people passionate about entertainment.

To keep things under control, Model Mayhem has a crew of administrators and monitors that regulate the site. Since it is an artistic site, nudity is allowed, but in only certain capacities. Also, there is a built-in WORK SAFE option and 18+-blocker for those of you that aren’t looking for nude photos in your spare time.

It’s this kind of self-policing that keeps the site from straying out of professional boundaries. When users first sign up for the site, they are evaluated. Depending on the type of account you sign up for (model, photographer, etc,), you have to provide at least four solid images of your work. If the work isn’t up to par, your account request is denied.

You don’t get that with most sites today; they just want as many users as possible.

“The aim of Model Mayhem is to provide a professional site that allows people to feel comfortable about their passion and give them the ability to break into their career. If we let anyone sign up, it wouldn’t be as valuable a tool,” says Egan.

So, there you go: an audition right off the bat. But as you browse the site you see that not all the users are pros, or even close. It’s a diverse mix of the ones that do it for real and those that are just starting out.

The strongest feature of the site is the CASTING section. Here, you can browse listings by area and profession. In addition, you can also post for your artistic needs and even get paid if you fit the description of what someone is looking for.

Aiding in the casting process is the browse option that lets users select exactly what they are looking for. When it comes to models, you can even get right down to weight, height and eye color. It’s this kind of specific attention the site brings users that makes it such a great resource.

In a sea of sites and with the availability of digital media, it’s tough for people to break into the entertainment field. However, a site like this can bring new opportunities closer than previously thought. In the end, it’s up to you to make the site work for you. Joining won’t (necessarily) get you on the cover of Vogue, but it might give you the means to make it happen one day.

For more information, visit modelmayhem.com.