This lengthy compilation is a benefit effort for the MoveOn organization, an advocacy group working at the grass-roots level to encourage Americans to get involved in bettering their country. The donated tracks are mostly rarities, like James Guthrie’s (Pink Floyd, Queensryche) remix of blink-182’s “I Miss You.”

The Future Soundtrack’s overall tone reflects the current mood of the country, exemplified by Laura Cantrell’s somber retelling of John Prine’s story of a drug addled soldier’s homecoming in “Sam Stone” and Tom Waits’s depressing “Day After Tomorrow.” The Flaming Lips are melancholy yet silly with a live version of “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots” while Ben Kweller checks in with the Future Soundtrack’s hardest rocking number, “Jerry Falwell Destroyed Earth.”

But not to worry about the artists here (22 in all); it’s all quality. It’s also fun to be surprised at who the band behind each song, with the Future Soundtrack for America providing plenty of “oohs” and “aahs.”

Grade: A

Future Soundtrack for America is currently available.