What is this trend with a lot of blogs suddenly putting out books? For some blogs, it’s nothing new (Passive Aggressive Notes is already on their second book, and PostSecret’s been in print for goodness knows how long.), but a growing number have been capitalizing on supplementing their income through physical products. And now, one of the Internet’s most popular humor sites is following suit. That’s right, Texts From Last Night – the place where those texts you can’t remember sending will be immortalized forever – has put out a book, filled with raunchy, stupid, witty and sometimes just plain funny quotes.

The pages are unnumbered, but rest assured, there are a lot of them, so you can be sure to find a quote that’ll make you laugh until you pee. But then, the problem is that there are a lot of pages, and really, only about half of the quotes are actually funny, 25 percent are just plain wrong, 10 percent are inside jokes and the rest fall into the “meh” column. The humor comes from the relatability of the texts (the college experiences some will never have, those that some will never grow out of and pop culture references that will mean nothing two days from now), so it obviously can’t please everyone all the time, but many are re-quotable and I found myself unable to resist sharing certain texts with everyone around me while I read it.

And yet, while I hate to say it, on the whole, the book felt like it simply rehashed someone else’s material into a haphazard collection, with little concern for organization. So the final verdict? Stick with the Web site, unless you’re looking for light bathroom reading. And don’t mind typos.