I have been with my girlfriend for three months. The problem is that when we fool around, I am the only one doing the foreplay. If I want to be touched in the right places I need to ask for it. Maybe I’m selfish, but how can I get my girlfriend to touch me without always having to ask for it?

—Joe, Pasadena

Jake Brown, Moments In Grace: Sounds like you’re in a tough situation. For this one, we decided to ask one of our female friends for suggestions. After talking about this for a while, we think that you should consider covering yourself in chocolate syrup. Our friend Katie says that girls like chocolate.

Love Doc: Whenever she does some foreplay you really like, say something like, “Oh baby, it fills so good when you do that. It makes me want to buy you a spa package at Burke Williams.” That should do the trick. If not, definitely try Katie’s chocolate syrup trail to all the right places.

Why does the guy I fancy think of me as a fab mate and not think of me as anything else? I flirt with him but he still tells me about all the gals he fancies and how good-looking they are. How do I make him see me as something more than just a mate?

—Sarah, Marina del Rey

Jeremy Griffith, Moments In Grace: Sorry, you’ve probably waited too long to make a real move. You’re just his bro-dawg now.

Love Doc: Sarah, love is different here in the States. In Los Angeles, especially, it’s OK for the girl to be a little more assertive and make a move on a guy. You know, those L.A. blokes can be bloody dense sometimes. Try setting up a movie night with him, but instead of renting that Forrest Gump DVD, slip in British Mates Gone Wild.

My boyfriend and I have been planning to take a vacation in San Francisco. We’ve been saving for this trip all year, which is set for next month. The problem is, we got into a huge fight last week. He hurt me so much that I want to break up with him. Should I do that now or wait until after our big trip? I don’t want to disappoint him.

—Lauren, Los Feliz

Jake: Clearly, what you need to do is break up with him before the trip happens. What fun will it be if you’re in San Francisco riding around with someone you resent? If I were you, I’d steal all of the money you’ve been saving with him and buy yourself an even more exciting trip for yourself and a friend. Go to Cedar Point in Ohio and ride some roller coasters or something.

Love Doc: If he hurt you that much, you shouldn’t be that concerned about “disappointing him.” I say do the dirty deed now, then take your savings and go to Cabo San Lucas with your girlfriends. Drink margaritas, do body shots and go to bed at the crack of dawn. Wake up late and spend the afternoon in the sun with a margarita in your hand. Gosh, that sounds good. What am I waiting for? Let’s go!

—Compiled by Mari Fong

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