Arthur Miller once said, “Whoever is writing in the United States is using the American Dream as an ironical pole of his story.” “The Price” is no exception. This subtle family drama is a classic Miller play that uses extremely ordinary conventions to gnaw on the meat of a family’s dysfunctions.

“The Price” is the story of two brothers. Victor (Cal Bartlett), who sacrificed his education and his passion for science to care for his ruined father, and Walter (Don Moss), who walked out on the demands of the family to concentrate on medicine and personal success. Of course, like any other family drama, on or off stage, it’s never this black and white. Deep resentment, antique furniture left behind by dead parents, years of separation, an 89-year-old used furniture dealer, Gregory (Marvin Kaplan), and Victor’s alcoholic wife Esther (Dianne Travis) add grey areas to the story. Thankfully, Gregory is comical and Esther is the neurotic type of alcoholic, not the slurring kind.

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