Unless you are one of the very fortunate few who has married or will marry your sweetheart right out of college/high school, chances are that at some point, you could have used some dating advice. Of course, you could go for some of the more popular dating books like How to Become an Alpha Male or He’s Just Not That Into You, but have you actually looked inside any of these? People say that they work, but who wants to be a stereotype?

Luckily, comedienne Cecily Knobler has come out with a new dating book for both men and women called She’s Crazy, He’s a Liar – Now What? While the title may look like it’ll just reinforce stereotypes, it actually presents a less rigid, commonsense approach to dating that completely avoids being preachy. Instead of trying to give you rules to follow, Knobler shares her (many, many) firsthand experiences in dating scenes across the country and helps identify red flags that could pop up. The book aims to make readers more introspective and encourages us to recognize the problems we can so easily see in others’ relationships in our own without outside help.

She also comes at the topic with a very modern approach, and although she can sometimes come across as markedly older than the book’s design would imply, she makes sure that her advice definitely isn’t your mother’s. I mean, she even goes as far as to examine (and pretty much bash) the ever-popular dating guidelines presented in The Rules.

Knobler’s book really highlights the necessity to find your own dating style and helps you to figure out what it is. While this might seem ridiculously obvious, even the most experienced daters sometimes need to remember that it’s OK to mess up and that the first (and only) rule of dating should be: have fun.

Grade: A-

She’s Crazy, He’s a Liar – Now What? is currently available. For more information, visit shescrazyhesaliar.com.