Not all albums can transcend genres, space and time, even continents. Already a hit in Japan, newcomer Becca has a voice and style that generates true emotional power.

It’s a refreshing throwback, combining rock ballads, seductive lyrics and female power ballads of the early ’90s. It seems hard to accomplish such a feat, but Becca’s Alive!! comes at a time when women are front and center in the music industry. She also has Meredith Brooks, songstress of “Bitch,” helping the album.

I can’t help to think of Paramore when hearing Alive!!, but somehow it’s also totally different. Becca’s album is more self-reflective, a woman comfortable with her sexuality and with an awareness and appreciation of life. If you happen not to feel it in her lyrics (but I doubt it), the music will keep any self-respecting bitch feeling gold.

Becca also has a few upcoming shows at local high schools in Hawthorne, Anaheim and Long Beach next week.