No one knows where the 51-year-old queen of cool and her mysterious band have gone for the past 10 years, but after hearing her sixth studio album, Soldier of Love, we don’t care. Sade’s ageless vocals, always smooth as silk, reveal a collection of enchanting, melancholy lullabies that one could easily fall for.

This is the perfect soundtrack when Mr. Right becomes Mr. So Wrong, proving that fairy tales could be tragic. Sade’s whispers and coos, oozing with sex, captivate listeners as she questions her mistaken suitor about why he lets her down.

The album features breathtaking R&B at its finest with her signature smoky hushes and lyrics of ache, bursting with hip-swaying poetry. Audiences can almost hear Sade’s tears filling up her eyes, yet she manages to remain as a captain leading an army.

Soldier of Love is rich in tales that could take place in an English castle or a sun-kissed island, all encompassing delicate violins, simple piano strokes and even some reggae waltz. Sade is back, and regardless of all her heartbreak, we happily embrace her with open arms.