Guys, have you ever wanted to combine your two favorite hobbies of origami and genital manipulation? Or ladies, have you ever just wanted to watch a guy combine the two? Well, then, you’re in luck. The wildly successful “Puppetry of the Penis” makes its highly anticipated return to the L.A. stage.

You might be asking yourself; since guys play with themselves all the time and it doesn’t seem that interesting, what makes this show so special? Well, you never knew a show about penises could take you places you never imagined they could.

You can commune with nature both at sea – the mollusk, the sea anemone, the pelican – and on land – the bullfrog, the kangaroo and my favorite, the fruit bat. You can travel the world by visiting the Eiffel Tower, Ayers Rock in Australia or light the Olympic flame in Vancouver. You can enjoy a fashion show of a sombrero, cowboy hat and, of course, a G-string. You will leave the theater with new images of hairy tongues, giant hemorrhoids and camel toe in your head. And unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, you will question some of your dietary choices. I will never look at Dodger Dogs, hamburgers or KFC the same way again.

If you're wondering what all of the above mentioned have to do with penises, well, let’s just say that with the right twisted imagination, a penis and testicles can be made to look like almost anything. That’s right, those are all names of, er, the penis installations created on stage.

And if by reading this article or seeing the show live yourself, you find yourself wanting to create some very personal art of your own, you can enroll in Dick Trick University and learn the steps needed to create this phallic art, i.e. buy the accompanying instruction manual of the same name.

I have never seen an audience laugh this much in my life. I haven’t laughed that much (sober) at anything like that in a long time. I left the theater asking myself the same question the performers posed: Who knew foreskin could be so fun?

Coast Theatre is located at 8325 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood. For more information, visit