On a recent “Simpsons” episode, Marge says that we shouldn’t belittle grad students just because they made “poor life choices.” Marge, meet CalArts M.F.A. class of 2005 – they’ll accept your apology (as soon as they’re done paying off their loans and finding jobs. P.S. Exhibitions writer for Campus Circle is taken.)

Shipping & Receiving: The CalArts M.F.A. Thesis Show, celebrates the graduation of this year’s masters students in Art and Photo/Media from the California Institute of the Arts. The title of the show, Shipping & Receiving, was inspired by a painted sign on the Armory Northwest’s exterior meant to aid in deliveries at the former plastics factory.

A la most graduation speeches, this title also acts as an allegory for life. As CalArts states, “The title draws attention to the transition from graduate school to the possibilities that lie ahead … Many of the works in the show focus on the mechanics of the message’s transmission, from maker to viewer, from departure to destination.” Especially for those who will be involved in literal shipping and receiving after finding the job market for M.F.A.s is pretty dismal. (P.P.S. Having an M.F.A. myself, I find that I have some making-fun-of-M.F.A.s immunity.)

Armory Northwest/965 is located at 965 N. Fair Oaks Ave., in Pasadena. Opening reception Sat., June 11, 7-9 p.m. Gallery hours: Thurs., Fri. and Sun. noon-5 p.m., Sat. noon-7 p.m. For more information about the exhibit, call (626) 792-5101 x. 140. Price: admission is free.