It’s difficult to ignore the Chicago-born Justin Tranter, even if he’s walking down the streets of New York City surrounded by gossip girls, punks and wide-eyed tourists. Aside from his tousled platinum locks and black couture that shows off his statuesque figure, he’s rarely seen without his leather booties with stiletto heels.

Naturally, the singer of the garage glam band Semi Precious Weapons would dabble in fashion, but it’s no publicity stunt. Tranter, who calls Stevie Nicks and Jay-Z his influences, has been pursuing his love for jewelry even before he became a rock star, and it is the reason why he and his band have discovered fame quicker than trying to make ends meet.

“My mom always made jewelry my whole life, and music is the reason I exist,” Tranter explains. “Or something gorgeous like that.”

Long before he crooned about magnetic babies, Tranter began creating jewelry to sell during the band’s shows.

“The first piece I ever made was the Fetty and Semi Precious Weapons signature gun/heart necklace, which is also my favorite, because it changed my life,” he says.

What started out as a chic hobby became a surprise success for the band, with hundreds of growing fans going wild for his jewels. Fetty, the jewelry company based in Brooklyn, became the house of scandalous trinkets, including rose gold pistols and Lizzie Borden’s diamond-encrusted axe.

With collections like “Love Bites” and “Butcher’s Wife,” Tranter’s designs became widely demanded by shoppers, eventually being sold in stores nationwide, including Urban Outfitters and Barneys.

Today, supermodel Kate Moss and England’s Princess Beatrice are spotted wearing Tranter’s many charms, proving that he’s more than just a guy who loves eyeliner.

“I met them both and forced them to wear my shit,” he says. “Hard work and hair bleach goes a long way. Jewelry paid for me and my entire band’s life. We owe it everything. No regrets. Ever.”

As Semi Precious Weapons continue to perform “filthy party rock ’n’ roll” while preparing for a new record on a major label, Tranter is always looking for new ideas. One of his line’s highlights includes “Fetty Signature,” or jewelry that pays tribute to Tranter feeling the braille on the elevator of a St. Louis hotel. In addition, fans can soon expect accessories inspired by “diamonds made of metal.”

For now, he hopes to soon collaborate with tour mate Lady Gaga and spread the gospel of looking ultra glam to Los Angeles’ night owls.

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