What is it about baked goods that are just so appealing? Is it biting into moist cake? Or maybe it’s savoring that first bite of a cookie? And of course, there’s always the possibility of frosting to consider.

If you keep up with the Best Cupcake in L.A. reports that periodically circle the foodie community, you’ve probably already heard of SusieCakes, whose Signature “Frosting Filled” Cupcakes have placed well on several Top 10 lists. For any frosting lover, this is really where it’s at. From Red Velvet to Strawberry and even a seasonal flavor, these cupcakes make it impossible to feel sad, especially with the injection of flavor in the center.

But owner Susan Sarich and SusieCakes makes so much more than just cupcakes. Of course, there are also custom-decorated cakes, seasonally shaped butter cookies, pies, puddings and dessert bars … and that’s just to start!

The thing that really sets SusieCakes apart from the rest of the bakeries in L.A., though, is absolutely her style.

“I’m from the Midwest,” reveals Sarich, a Chicago native. “I really didn’t think anybody out on the West Coast was doing old-fashioned, straightforward desserts of Americana … a lot of the recipes are family recipes.”

The chain is definitely a homage to Sarich’s grandmothers, with comfort food items like classic Whoopie Pies on the menu and retro interior design in all five SusieCakes locations. But what really makes SusieCakes so delicious?

“We bake everyday on site from scratch. Everything is butter, sugar, flour, eggs and there’s no preservatives in our stuff. Nothing comes in the back door in a tub,” Sarich insists.

Sarich is very proud of the sense of family and community you’ll find in her stores and the company even holds an annual recipe contest around Mother’s Day.

“Because we are family focused, Mother’s Day is a great time to celebrate the great women in our lives who made an impact on us,” Sarich says. “People can bring in their recipes from their mothers and grandmothers and the winning recipe will be featured in all the SusieCakes for the month of May.”

If you’re looking to enter a recipe, sign up for the SusieCakes newsletter for all the details, and in the mean time, drop in for a sweet treat.

For more information, visit susiecakesla.com.