Pop and crunch your way to the ’70s with a bag of Hippie Chips. With various flavors available like Haight-AshBerry Jalapeño, Memphis Blues Barbeque, Lime Is On My Side Cracked Pepper and Chive-Talkin’ Sour Cream, you are sure to find something groovy.After reaching the bottom of a Hippie Chips bag and after finishing off the crumbs, “don’t worry be hippie” and grab another, because these crunchy, rich-in-flavor snacks are low fat and low in calories.

Rock-n-Roll Gourmet has brought “healthy snacks for the rocker in you.” If their catchy titles and unique, multicolored packaging is not enough to entice you, the chips’ gluten-free delicious taste might just do the trick. After years of chowing down on unhealthy backstage snacks, a pair of musicians, Dan and Jean Ehrlich, decided to combine their food experiences and love of music to create all natural, guilt-free snacks. They were recently joined by an investor team who is helping the married couple diversify and spread the love of rock ’n’ roll one snack bag at a time. The founders don’t just stop at bringing peace, love and treats; they have also used the launching of their hip chips to promote an organization called ROCO NOW to Rock Out Childhood Obesity NOW, which encourages children to engage in a healthier, active lifestyle.

No matter what your task is: watching the playoffs, rocking out to a concert or just lounging, kick back and grab a bag of any of the Rock-n-Roll Gourmet products available, including Sweet Emotions, Little Wings and Rock & Pop Kettle Korn.Join the snack revolution, taste the attitude and get to munching. You can score the Rock-n-Roll Gourmet snacks online (rocknrollgourmet.com), at regional supermarket chains, natural food stores and convenience stores.