Ever skim through a book and think, I would like to make that? Well, get ready for 173 pages of it. Natalie Chanin offers everything from Eyelet-Embroidered Placemats & Napkins and a String-Quilted & Stenciled Tank Top to an Alabama Studio Autumn Brunch.

Chanin is the founder of Alabama Chanin, a fashion and lifestyle company committed to Slow Design – defined as dedicated to handcraft, committed to community and having respect for the environment. Alabama Studio Style is the follow-up to Alabama Stitch Book, in which she introduced her stenciling and beading techniques.

Now, she shares more techniques and projects for both clothing and home décor, plus three menus that she developed with Southern food expert Angie Mosier. My favorite is the Spiral Appliqué & Beaded Camisole Dress. It looks a little out of my league, but with patience and a go-getter attitude, maybe I can make that.

Grade: A

Alabama Studio Style is currently available.