Have you ever thought you could be a Greek hero? Thought you could have slain the Hydra better than Heracles? With the new discovery of an ancient scroll (and a time machine, which you’ll have to provide yourself), you can finally try and give it your best shot. The Mythic Warrior's Handbook is a transcription of a hero class from Ancient Greece taught by Chiron the Centaur that will teach you how to “Outsmart Athena, Slay Medusa, Impress Zeus, and Claim Your Place in the Pantheon of the Gods.”

OK, in all seriousness, it’s actually written (or as they insist, translated) by Erika Carlson and Heather Day, both TAs in the Classics departments of their respective universities. And it feels like it was written to help teach bored students. In their defense, they really stick to the premise that Chiron is teaching a class, but at the same time, they divide the book into sections – monsters, heroes, gods, etc. – so you have to jump around from section to section to piece any one myth together (or have a good working knowledge of each one in the first place).

I don’t see this being interesting for anyone that loves myths since you lose the exhilaration of the original story and it’s no good as a teaching tool since it’s all so disjointed. And yet, it’s still a fun read. So in the end, I’m confused, but if you’re bored and into Ancient Greece, give the Handbook a whirl. And who knows, if you happen to make a time machine, it might even come in handy!