Choc Quib Town: You may not know them, but you will with their U.S. debut album, Oro. This trio from Colombia’s Pacific Coast brings a dynamic yet eclectic piece of work to America.

With some songs being produced by Sidestepper and Colombia’s beloved artist Carlos Vives, Oro’s most prominent track is “De Donde Vengo Yo.” The song has an upbeat, rhythmic tempo, and its Spanish hip-hop lyrics are been perfectly placed. Another fun melody is “El Bombo.” El bombo is a percussion instrument generally made of wood, and the track absolutely makes one want to dance in a Carnival setting.

Choc Quib Town are like a mixture of Yerba Buena and Orishas, two triumphant Latin singing groups who have had a lot of success universally. Could this be the start of something huge in Choc Quib Town? It sure can!