Recently the stock market dropped … again. The past few years have been not so great with the economy. The relationship market is no different. All of us go through black days with a significant other, and we all have our ups and downs, when we drop or get dropped, when we fall hard.

Here are some insider tips:

Skipping Research: Sometimes the things (or people in this case) that sound too good to be true – are. You meet an incredible person. In the beginning, you didn’t talk about what he or she was all about, their history or much else. They just looked good. In the end, the relationship crashes and you realize you should’ve done your homework.

Buying Fast: You’re excited because everyone loves him or her. Everyone thinks this person is a safe, sure way to an enriching relationship. The problem is, everyone isn’t dating this person. Everyone may not know what you’re slowly finding out. Sure, this person may look good, but a lot of times good-looking people are just … good-looking people. No substance, no good conversation, no nothing. No passing go and collecting money, either. Just a lesson learned in the market.

Investing in Complicated Deals: We all have things we could and need to work on. We all have a little drama, sometimes trauma, and baggage in our lives. We sure don’t need any more. If he or she seems like they will only add more complication to your life, invest time in someone else. They can save their drama for their mama because we all know mama knows best, and she always said there would be black days like this. Move on!

Trading Too Often: We’ve all done it, and we all wish we hadn’t. At least once in everyone’s life it has happened, and it’s unfortunate but true. The relationship starts to become a little slower paced, so we figure this is a good time to move our stock to another source and not be patient with what we have. Know what? It never works as well as we want it to. Instead of being too eager (not to mention unsafe), perhaps we should appreciate what we have and hold onto it and see what the next day brings. The grass is always greener on the other side.

Listening to a Friend: They are your friends, and they know a little about the market, but they aren’t you. The most common mistake is listening to someone who thinks they know your situation better than you and letting their decision be your final one. Unfortunately, most times you should’ve listened to yourself as this normally ends up being your last move, because afterwards you’ve lost all your shares.

Misjudging a Risk: There’s no such thing as a little risk in the market or in a relationship. It’s the same as a little white lie. A lie is a lie, and a risk is a risk. White, purple, red or green, taking a little risk will eventually leave you in the black and blue.

Selling Out in a Panic: We know that being in a relationship is risky. We know this. Don’t get it twisted, but don’t get scared and sell out, either. Bad things do happen to nice people in a seemingly nice relationship. However, don’t freak out and do something you’ll regret every time something bad happens.

Being Paralyzed by Indecision: Don’t just stand there freaking out. Do something! If you don’t, someone else will and you’ll be left with nothing. If you’re not sure, stay where you are and with whom you’re with until you figure it out. Let him or her know that you’re not sure, but don’t just flounder by listening to everyone else, panicking, skipping research, selling out, buying into something too soon or trying to trade too fast. Hopefully, becoming familiar with this list will help minimize the risks and maximize your relationships potential, because relationships are not that different from the stock market, and we all know what direction that has been going lately.