45 takes a cue from Watchmen and other works exploring the possibilities of superheroes rooted in the real world, and goes a step further for an original take on graphic storytelling.

Creator Andi Ewington teams up with 45 different artists (including Jock and Sean Phillips) to tell 45 different stories set in the same world. It’s an ambitious project, with its own vocabulary.

The framing device for these stories concerns a journalist, James Stanley, who is about to have a baby. He has decided not to have his child undergo the Super S-gene test that would reveal if his offspring would have superpowers. Instead, Stanley sets out to interview super powered individuals about their lives.

Each story takes the form of an interview accompanied by a single page of art. Some may find the form difficult to get into, but it’s always inspiring when someone takes a new step in storytelling.

Grade: A-

45 is currently available.