The genre of country is like going to Mars for L.A. natives, but the Greatcoats help us reminisce of a simpler, mellower lifestyle.

Lead singer David Tenczar employs a group of vocalists to sing of romancing a “vision of life you never thought you’d see” in tracks like “Come Up and See.” It’s a mixture of blues, rock and a hint of guitar twang that imagines a modern romance blooming at a country hoedown.

My favorites include “Stop” and “The One in the Sun,” for its unique instrumentation. It’s peculiar, though, that some songs stay memorably pleasant while others make you wince at the sound of the singing. In some tracks, the low, dry monotony of Tenczar’s voice just doesn’t tune well. The self-titled album is a first for the Greatcoats and is creative in its collaboration of singers and cutesy lyrics. All it needs is some fine-tuning.

Grade: B-

The Greatcoats is currently available.