Artist vs. Poet’s debut LP, Favorite Fix, opens with a catchy “ba-dah-dah, dah-dah,” and I already know where this album is going. This is guitar-based bubblegum.

But, to their credit, the band fits its bill perfectly. The cleanest cut “messy” hair in the industry, small-town roots and Mickey Mouse smiles – what more could a tween ask for?

Well, heaven forbid they ask for original music; Favorite Fix is far from that. This album is glazed over pop rock.

Place Artist vs. Poet in the bland space between Paramore and Boys Like Girls – they’re all the same. Still, the Dashboard Confessional emo ballad seems to be a nice niche for these guys. The standouts on the album are the slower “Miserably Loving You” and “Broke But Not Broken.”

If Artist vs. Poet’s sole intent was to sound like a successful pop rock group, then congratulations to the band. You’re generic and interchangeable.

Grade: C

Favorite Fix is currently available.