Bomba Estéreo’s latest album release, Blow Up, will simply make you blow up with the 12 songs it contains.

This unique band blends tropical rhythms from their native South America nation with electro-funk. The cumbia beat is prominent in most of their melodies. “Fuego” (Fire) is a track that has been landing successfully in all of Latin America and the United States.

Other entertaining tunes to closely pay attention to are “Juana,” “AguaSala” (Salty Water) and “Feelin.’” All the songs are in Spanish, but some have lyrical phrases in English.

A group formed in Bogotá, Colombia in 2001, Bomba Estéreo is composed of Simón Mejía (loops and bass), Liliana Saumet (vocals), Diego Cadavid (percussion), Kike Egurrola (drums), and Julian Salazar (guitar). Blow Up (2009) is their third career CD after having released Vol. 1 in 2006 and Estalla (Bursts) in 2008.

Grade: A-

Blow Up is currently available.