Want to unwind? Kick your shoes off and have yourself a glass of chilled milk as you listen to Lucy Schwartz. Her sultry pop love songs are fit for the job.The pianist, singer-songwriter proves her talent on her latest five-track EP, Help Me! Help Me! It’s no surprise her songs are a contrast of light and dark since her name means just that. Songs such as “Help me! Help me!” and “Those Days” are lyrically desperate and sad mixed with upbeat, snap-your-fingers melodies. “Gravity” and “Gone Away” are infused with her velvet vocals, which adds a heartfelt touch to the resonant sound of her classical black-and-white keys.The 20-year-old artist runs parallel to the voices of Sara Bareilles, Vanessa Carlton and Colbie Caillat. Her music is a romantic, slow pas de deux. It’s a warm, soft chain of songs that feels much like a spring button up cashmere sweater.

Grade: B

Help Me! Help Me! is currently available.