“Extropia” director Kelleia Sheerin invites you to imagine a world with no inconsistencies or imperfections. The story takes place in an industrial retro-utopia where Foster (Sam Littlefield), whose teeth are strong and tongue pink but not too pink, and co-worker Arial (Alexandra Fulton) find music in a world where there is no music.

Other than being incredibly colorless, this utopian society is not your classic totalitarian world, though the giant robot boss does create that aura. Instead, the people of Extropia have the freedom to love, and being terminated doesn’t exactly mean vanishing overnight – just that you’re out of work. As is the case with Foster, the stark industrial music from the machines at the shoe factory and the ineffability of his musical experience become too much for him to function.

Despite minor imperfections like second-rate microphones, “Extropia” manages to be charming, offering a subtle yet very different perspective on life. Its message is rare and quiet wisdom found in the inexpressible feelings of contentment in one man as he listens to music and works at a shoe factory until the day he has to retire.

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