You’ve totally seen these books before. You know, the ones with the cute animals and inspirational/funny quotes. They already made one for cats, and now, the new addition will absolutely make you go “OMG, puppies!”

That’s right, the writers of the best-selling Cattitude have just released Dogplay. Are the quotes funny? Sure, I guess. But you don’t get these books for the quotes; it’s really more about the pictures.

With images collected from dedicated dog owners, each picture is beautifully composed and full-size, but they’re all in black and white! Sure, that makes it look more artsy or whatever, but I think you also loose some of the details and the play of the color that you’d get otherwise. But then again, PUPPIES!

Dogplay is a great stress reliever when it comes to study time, just look at how happy all the dogs are and be jealous. And I mean, really, who doesn’t love dogs?

Grade: A-

Dogplay is currently available.