A river of talent, including Bill Murray, Steven Wright, Tom Waits, Cate Blanchett and more, goes pretty much to waste in this film, a collection of 11 vignettes featuring odd pairings talking over nicotine and caffeine.

There are slivers of wit here and there – Steve Buscemi’s conspiracy theory about Elvis is amusing – but most of it is self-important rambling or the kind of comedy you expect from a bad “Saturday Night Live” skit. Just go to a bar or a diner and experience the same thing firsthand, because if this film teaches us anything, it’s that rambling, go-nowhere conversations are only fun if you’re the one rambling.

Best extra: A self-congratulatory interview with actor Taylor Mead that, in light of the film’s relatively meager showing, is unintentionally humorous. Also: A deleted scene with Murray.