For those of you who are fans of Zero 7 this should be an easy addition to your collection. And for those of you that long to hear horns and real instruments come through on your stereo, this is a must. Boasting a very cool feel, this album keeps it smooth and palatable.

The songs are arranged beautifully, and each instrument comes through clean and at the right time. On the track “Hearts Trompet” the mixture of piano and trumpet are featured in ways that make the vocals seem like a secondary instrument. The drums are warm and really do fit nicely with the rest of the music on the offering from this Vancouver-based group of talented musicians.

The whole album is not calm. Brasstronaut shakes it up a little, but only to keep your feet tapping and head grooving. This is the perfect, relaxing springtime record that can make every day feel like Sunday.

Grade: A

Mt. Chimaera is currently available.