This album earns the most coveted Undecided Grade for one simple reason. I can’t really figure out how to grade this work. It’s extremely well produced. The tracks consist of arrangements that, no matter how obscure, fit well.

The layering of sounds and use of familiar sound banks the record is more of a work of art than a “new Gorillaz CD.” In the way that fashion is appreciated on the runway, not all of it is meant to be worn out in public.

This isn’t offering radio hits, it tells a story that should be heard from start to finish. And aiding in the story telling are artists like Mos Def, De La Soul, Snoop Dog and more.

Serious songs balance out with some pieces that abuse the effects palate in such a way that it almost gets annoying, but then you’re suddenly hearing sounds of an underwater lounge. The range and creation of this musical art piece will please a lot of people out there, but might push away a few. Pick the album up and enjoy it from start to finish, repeat and then decide what grade you would give it.

Grade: Undecided

Plastic Beach is currently available.