Piña coladas, white sandy beaches and tropical weather are always the perfect mix for a classic reggae album. One other essential ingredient is imagination, and from the opening song off the self-titled debut from Babylon Saints, you feel lost in that paradise.

Track one, entitled “Day to Day,” captures the true “feel good” sounds of reggae and reflects on the experiences we encounter each day. The song delivers on how each new day impacts our lives in the world, especially here in the United States. “Day to Day” affirms our feelings of how wages at work are low and rents for a home are high. Nevertheless, the song definitely delivers positive vibes in its expression.

Reggae is not the only genre depicted on the album. Rock and funk are also implemented musically in a variety of songs, such as on “Burn On” and “Follow.” The up-tempo melody on “Burn On” is a true reflection of the everyday man or woman not conforming to the ways of “the man” and rather than sitting back and doing nothing … “keep on asking questions, but don’t believe the answers.” A great track that will surely get you up out of your seat and feeling the groove!

Put quite simply, the Babylon Saints and their new self-titled release convey happiness and strong energy all the way through. After listening to this funky mix of reggae, catchy hooks and soulful chants, you too will feel inspired.

Grade: A

Babylon Saints is currently available.