Let’s do some math. The Cure’s vocals + New Order’s synthpop – originality = Elkland’s Apart. These tracks bring back that lovely ’80s angst, but without the coolness of anything unique or innovative.

I’m not going to lie – a little part of me loves the sound of Elkland’s lead singer Jon Pierce, but then again, I love The Cure. And let’s face it, The Cure has that market monopolized. This is probably most evident in Elkland’s cover of The Cranberries’ "Salvation," in which crazy synthesized beats overwhelm the song, which lacks any improvement over the original.

A few qualities are the saving graces of this release, however. Firstly, the obvious commerciality of the tracks lumps Elkland into the same category as nostalgic-but-popular bands like The Killers and Hot Hot Heat. They have that addictive quality found in most mainstream music – you like it, but you don’t want to. The second thing is that the song "I Think I Hate Her" is, for some reason, irresistible. It reminds me a lot of the high school prom scenes in those amazing ’80s movies, and therefore puts me in a ridiculously good mood.

If you’re not looking for something too original or creative, or if you love reminiscing about the ’80s, then this is the release for you. Otherwise, be wary.

Grade: B-

Apart is currently available.