Comics legend Grant Morrison and longtime collaborator Frank Quitely are at the top of their games in this new Bat series. The result is so much fun to read. Quitely’s panels are gorgeous, while Morrison invents one of the best non-canon villains in a very long time.

Bruce Wayne is dead. Now, Dick Grayson, the original Robin, steps in to keep Gotham’s protector alive. Filling in as the Boy Wonder is Bruce’s son, the headstrong Damian.

Dick must wrestle with grief, self-doubt and keeping Damian, who was raised by Ra’s al Ghul’s assassins, on the right path. Complicating matters are a murderous circus troop, headed by the deranged Professor Pyg and his army of Dollotrons, plus the re-emergence of the Red Hood.

Grade: A

Batman and Robin, Vol. 1: Batman Reborn (Deluxe Edition) is currently available.