Take a long look; with the third season of Dave Chappelle’s sketch/stand-up show in indefinite limbo, this may be the last helping we get. And that’s a hell of a shame, because few sketch shows in the history of TV have had the kind of guts this one has. Never mind how ridiculously funny it all is.

Just as it did in season one, "Chappelle’s Show" takes on a barrage of issues most people can’t even speak calmly about, and does so with brilliant results. Even some of the flatter ideas are funny thanks to Chappelle’s delivery. If nothing else, you cable-less freaks can finally see what all that Rick James, Wayne Brady and Lil’ Jon stuff is all about. Only Napoleon Dynamite gets quoted more these days.

Includes 11 episodes (five with commentary), plus bonus stand-up footage, deleted scenes/bloopers, two unaired Charlie Murphy stories and an extended Rick James interview.

DVD Grade: A

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Chapelle’s Show: Season 2 Uncensored is currently available.