Rachael Sage’s Delancey Street is like an anthology of a nomad’s many travels and discoveries. Songwriter Sage shares her illustrative and heartfelt shorts through songs that carry mellow, moving melodies.

For her ninth album, Sage started off by grabbing inspiration from her immigrant Jewish heritage and then mixed in her own personal experiences. The result: a slice of musical identity exploration on a full-length album filled with cultural heritage and family history.Track after track, she delivers one-of-a-kind indie, artsy songs with a sequin shine, which gives every one of her 12 songs decorative brilliance. The NYC songstress’ poetic skill shows in her passionate, whispered vocals and her distinctive idiosyncratic style and rhythm.

The self-taught pianist’s songs “Everything Was Red,” “Wasn’t It You,” “How I Got By” and “Big Star” are some of her original compositions that cannot go unheard. Plus, her album also includes an inspired cover of the Hall & Oates classic, “Rich GIrl” and iTunes buyers can gain access to a bonus track of Sage’s understated rendition of “Fame."

Grade: A-

Delancey Street is currently available.