The first thing that comes to mind when playing Kurupt’s latest release is cruising down the streets of Los Angeles while blasting the album on the car stereo. Street Lights, which is Kurupt’s sixth studio album, includes 14 fresh West Coast hip-hop style tracks. “Questions” featuring Uncle Chucc is proof of that with its raw, yet up-tempo beats and lyrics.

Kurupt offers several collaborations (Snoop Dogg, Xzibit), and the remix to the CD’s first single “I’m Burnt,” featuring Snoop, Roscoe and Problem, is catchy. “Streetlights” and “Bounce, Rock, Skate” are the record’s best tunes simply because of their meaningful lyrics and way they grasp the listener’s attention. Street Lights is Kurupt’s most prolific album thus far in his 18-year career.

Grade: A

Streetlights is currently available.