Patrick Park’s third full album, Come What Will, is polished easy listening. The ever-present strings and snare remind of a Damien Rice project, although the substance lags behind. Instrumentally, the album is emotional as all’s hell, but the acoustic singer-songwriter fails to flex his vocal prowess over the abundant melancholy. While beautiful in sound, Come What Will ultimately lacks a sense of passion.

Nevertheless, Park’s country sound does evoke feelings of prairie skies and dirt roads. Standout track “Blackbird Through the Dark” hits those bluegrass notes perfectly. “Silence and Storm” and the title track, “Come What Will,” also shine as more zealous ditties.

Still, Park’s smooth sound will only earn shallow accolades until he embraces, rather than simply hints at, those moods. All the ingredients are there; we’ll have to see what Park does with them the next time around.

Grade: B

Come What Will is currently available.