Iceland’s FM Belfast welcome you to their “rocky island” with their latest album, How to Make Friends. It’s electric, “tropical” and redolent of plastic neon glasses with tinted lenses, bow ties and acid wash skinny jeans.

For their first full-length album, FM Belfast take on everything. They explore the everyday essential on “Underwear,” where the band declares, “We are running down the streets in our underwear,” in order to start something in a place where nothing seems to happen day in and day out. In “Optical,” they rant, “Put on your glasses! Put on your glasses!” They bring back the ’80s with the synthesizer in “Synthia” and take us on a short trip at no expense on “Par Avion.”

The vocals are minimal and fade into the background from time to time, the sound takes off, it gets good and then it hits monotone. Though most of the songs might get you stomping your feet, clapping your hands and saying, “Yeah!” after a run through, the idiosyncratic sound that stays the same throughout the album might make you switch it off and have you saying, “OK! Next!”

Grade: C

How to Make Friends is currently available.