I can only imagine that listening to In the Music, the new album from British imports Trashcan Sinatras, is the choice soundtrack for a modern-day wannabe hippie stoner who somehow managed to time travel back to Britain in the ’60s. What? It’s not a bad thing! In the Music is hypnotically ambient with prominent guitar plucking in the hooks. It’s full of the types of songs that would play in a coming-of-age movie set somewhere between the ’60s and ’80s (think The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys), when the protagonist (ideally a rock-obsessed teen) is laying on a grassy hillside looking up at the stars and thinking about his love.

Songs like “Apples and Oranges” and “Hayfever” have a distinctly psychedelic feel, and “People” sounds like a piano ballad straight out of the ’80s. The live bonus tracks (There’s eight of them, and many are unfortunately atonal.) have the same twangy-but-smooth feel, and despite the dated sounds, it’s still got the relatability of the Smiths with the sensibilities of the Kaiser Chiefs and a measured dose of the Cure to give it a bit of an edge. But on the whole, In the Music is a great album for relaxing or looking longingly up at the stars while thinking of your lover.

Grade: A-

In the Music is currently available.