Herring is a Texan who embraces the southwestern sound whether he is rocking ("Back of My Mind," "Aphorism") or riding the alt-country horse into weepy numbers like "Nobody Much Longer" and "Sinkhole of Love." These are not cowboy songs, but Herring has a forlorn singing style that creates a dusty image; you can picture him as the last lonely tumbleweed rolling out of a one-time boomtown.

Ben Roi Herring, Collin’s dad, plays lush pedal steel throughout the album, enhancing the sad and desperate feel of the record.

The finest moment comes on "Lazy Wind," a tale of a one night stand that is embellished with haunting violin from Eleanor Whitmore and big banging kettle drums that give the song a cinematic feel. The song fades out with quavering organ that segues into an instrumental track, "Headliner."

Fans of Ryan Adam’s country work should especially enjoy this release.

Grade: B

The Other Side of Kindness is currently available.