This 16th offering from Acoustic Alchemy is a smooth jazz interpretive of American/English influences. Splashes of reggae, Latin, disco and Motown reflect traditions on both sides of the water, a cultural tidal wave of passion.

The oceans churn from the seismic songwriting partnership of nylon string guitarist Greg Carmichael and steel guitarist Miles Gilderdale. Carmichael is the British co-founder who back in 1985 was recruited by Nick Webb. Gilderdale, originally a London electric guitarist, replaced Webb after his death to cancer in 1996. The recent New York transplant together with Carmichael won accolades in their collaborations since completion of the Positive Thinking album last decade.

The Beautiful Game, released in 2000, enlisted the talents of fellow Brits bass guitarist Frank Felix and keyboardist Tony White, who also contributed to Aart (2001) and Radio Contact (2003).

This decade’s promotional touring introduced American drummer Greg Grainger and California saxophonist Eddie M. The pair has double-stamped their signatures on American/English.

With a third of the lineup born in the United States, the inside joke is the Englishmen’s adaptation to the American language, being careful not to use the word "fag" when requesting a cigarette or "crisps" instead of chips.

Song names display the unique language of instrumentalists. The working title of "The Steely Dan Tune" with its lean sound was changed to "She Speaks American English" reflecting the mystery of who "she" is. The 1960s-style backbeat inspired the moniker "Lilac Lane" because it was cool like The Beatles, Penny Lane and the color lilac.

Grade: A+

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