Everyone’s had at least one really embarrassing and/or traumatizing experience with the opposite sex. Whether it’s a bad date, a bad breakup or a bad attempt at getting a number, one thing that you can be sure they all have in common: It always feels better when you tell someone else about what happened.

Which is basically what Alexandra Lydon and Laura Kindred found out when they shared their own sexual horror stories with first, each other, then with audiences of a wildly popular skit show at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre and now finally with you in their book, Worst Laid Plans.

If you’ve ever seen a UCB show, then you’ve already got a pretty good idea that Plans is guaranteed to keep you laughing. With an assortment of stories from fellow UCB alumni/cast members, straight men, lesbian women and even one from “Security Guard, Female,” Plans is 210 pages of jaw-dropping, horrifying stories of one-night stands, sexcapades and orgies from across the country (with a few international stories thrown in for good measure). Told in a clever style that walks the fine line between tame and raunchy, the stories are sometimes so outrageous that they just have to be real. I mean, a guy with an implant the size of a baseball in the head of his penis? Who comes up with that?!

Grade: A

Worst Laid Plans is currently available.