Dan Le Sac and Scroobius Pip are back with their follow up to 2008’s Angles. The Logic of Chance sees the British hip-hop duo dabble in electronic beats (“Sick Tonight”) and some dubstep (“The Beat”) as they deliver poignant and irreverent lyrics about the state of the U.K. through Scroobius Pip’s rhymes.

Lead single “Get Better” has a Paul Simon-esque quality throughout. It questions today’s generation of misguided lovers who mistake lust for love while advocating safe sex. At times, it’s hard to understand that there are meaningful lyrics through Scroobius Pip’s thick Essex accent because he raps catchy jibberish à la Beastie Boys. He alternates between jovial lyrics and powerful social commentary on U.K. youth. Scroobius Pip’s rants about today’s misguided youth tend to date him, but luckily, Dan Le Sac comes to the rescue with fresh beats.

Grade: B

The Logic of Chance is currently available.