Texting is a big part of life. Even Oprah has a campaign about texting while driving. We get it, you guys all like to text. But there’s a way to text the girl you like and use it to your advantage, and there’s a way to blow it with her just by pushing buttons on your phone.

We have seen that there is a case of chronic texting without calling going around. Sure, you don’t want to blow a girl up on her phone every five minutes, but if you’re gonna text a girl, “How was your day?” you might as well text her, “What is your opinion on affirmative action?” because she’s gonna have to answer in essay form, and then she’ll have a mean case of carpal tunnel before she even gets to lunch. So if you really want to know how her day was, pick up the phone!

If you are gonna text, ask a question that’s easy to answer. We were with a friend last night, and she got the following text: “You were right. Maggie Grace is a terrible actress. I’m watching TAKEN right now.” What is she supposed to say to that? “Yes, you’re right. I am right.” Nooooo. She has nothing to say to that.

She has been muted by texting. Paralyzed. And it’s a shame because it could have been sooooo easy. All he needed to do was add a simple, “What are you up to?” or “Still hanging with your friend?” to the end of that text, and BOOM, something she could actually answer! So boys, do a girl a favor, and when texting, put a question mark in there somewhere. You can do that for us, right????

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